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  • The Halloween Candy Wrapper Conundrum

    Did you know every year an estimated 600 million pounds of candy is bought in the US for Halloween? If you know me you know that I’m very much here for the sugar, but not so much the packaging. 

    There are a few things you can do to try and minimize the amount of plastic in the candy you give out, but if you’ve got trick-or-treaters at home then you know you will inevitably end up with a mountain of candy wrappers as your little ones eat through their stash. 

    The question then becomes: “If I don’t want to create waste what can I do with these wrappers?” The good news is there are recycling solutions for candy wrappers! 

  • The Rotten Truth About Halloween Pumpkins

    Did you know that every year an estimated 1.3 billion pounds of pumpkins end up in landfills? Oftentimes when the topic of food waste or organic waste in landfills is brought up an immediate reaction is “well, at least it will decompose there, right?” 

    But what if I told you that organic waste in landfills contributed to some heavy green house gas emissions that could be pretty easily avoided? Check in here to see how you can send those pumpkins (and whatever other food waste you've got!) to compost instead!

  • Four Tips for a More Sustainable Halloween Costume

    It’s undeniable: playing dress up is fun! So it’s no wonder so many people jump at the opportunity to become someone, or something, else for the day when Halloween rolls around. 

    The thing that I find spookiest about these Halloween costumes, though, is what they’re made of and how quickly they get tossed aside. 

    Not only are most ready-made costumes polyester fabric, but often everything from the wigs to the accessories are in some way plastic. When these costumes get discarded, all that plastic heads straight for the landfill.