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Dish Block: Big Block

Dish Block: Big Block

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NoToxLife's DISH BLOCK® is ready to take on that sink full of dishes. In fact, it's ready to scrub that sink afterwards.

This concentrated bar creates a beautiful sudsy lather and cuts through grease on dishes, pots, and pans.

To use: Start off by scraping any excess grease or food off of your dishes. Then, simply rub your wet sponge, dish cloth, or brush over the block until it begins to suds up (repeat this step as needed). Wash your items and rinse well.

Your DISH BLOCK® will last longer if given the opportunity to dry fully between uses (i.e. not in an enclosed container). Brushes may also cause your block to be used up faster than a soft cleaning implement, such as a sponge or a cloth.

Packaging: paper band

Ingredients: sodium ester salts, sodium salts, cocoyl, alkyl sulfonates, alkyl polyglucosides, sodium carbonate, potassium cocoate, vegetable glycerol, quillaja saponaria, aloe vera leaf, sodium citrate, sodium gluconate, sodium benzoate, purified water

Made in: Los Angeles, CA