Pick-Up/Drop-Off Refill Program

Ordering Refills


Pick Up and Drop Off

How it works:

  1. Place your order online. Choose the pick up location as your "shipping" at check out. 
  2. Go to the host closest to you during their pick-up window and pick up your order (save that box!)
  3. Use it up! Give the containers a little rinse (they don't need to be sparkling, just get your money's worth and get that last little bit out)
  4. Pack your containers back into the box they came in. Keep any pumps or sprayers. I can't reuse them, but you sure can!
  5. Drop your empty containers back at your host location and pick up your next box
  6. For each container returned to me I issue reward points, which can be exchanged for dollars off your next purchase. See below for reward points given for each container size.

My pick-up hosts and their time slot:

Host Business  Neighborhood Pick Up Window Order Deadline Address Special Considerations
V Marks the Shop South Philly
1515 McKean St, Philadelphia, PA 19145
This is a vegan grocery store. Non-vegan items may not be delivered here*


Reward points: 

  • Amber Boston Round Bottles:
    • 8 oz: 150 points
    • 16 oz: 150 points
    • 32 oz: 200 points
  • Salvaged Glass Containers:
    • 16 oz: 200 points 
    • 24 oz: 300 points
    • 64 oz: 400 points

Click the pink icon in the bottom right corner to learn more about how you can redeem these points.


*I can't get non-vegan items delivered to V Marks the Shop? How do I know what's vegan and whats not?

Yep. V Marks the Shop is hosting us, so their house their rules. 

All refills are vegan, so you're safe there! I'll be putting a note at the top of item descriptions that states whether or not an item is vegan so that you know. 

If you accidentally add a non vegan item to your cart I will manually remove it and refund that item's price.

What is the deadline to place an order?

You can place orders until noon the day prior to your pick up day. (For example: If your pick up window is on Wednesday, then Tuesday at noon is your deadline.)

All orders placed after the deadline will be included in the following week's delivery. 

Salvaged glass? How are you cleaning that?

Through my partnership with the Bottle Underground post consumer glass is professionally cleaned and sanitized using commercial grade sanitization processes. They even remove those pesky labels for me! 

This is the same process used when you return your empty bottles to me to be recirculated. 

Do you take back the aluminum bottles, or only glass?

Currently I only take back glass containers. 


Currently I only accept containers that have come from my shop for return and credit (make sure you leave the label I use on so I know its from me!). If you have post consumer glass and you want someone to do something awesome with it contact my partner, The Bottle Underground.

Refill and Pick-Up Policies

    • Be respectful of my hosts. They are doing me a major solid by agreeing to this, so be nice to them!
    • Orders must be picked up during the pick up window.
    • Any orders not picked up within the window will be collected and brought back to NextFab (in Olde Kensington), where you can arrange pick up with Ray by emailing raydalyreusables@gmail.com.
    • If you fail to collect your order within 2 weeks of placing it any items that are not refills will be refunded to you (less transaction fees) and returned to my inventory. 
      • If this happens more than 3 times in 6 months you will be removed from the pick up/drop off program.
    • I reserve the right to remove any customer from the pick up/drop off program.
    • Refills are non-refundable.
    • Non-refill items may be returned for refund within 30 days provided that it is unused and in its original packaging. 
    • If you receive a damaged or defective item, please send an email and photos or video to raydalyreusables@gmail.com so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.
    • All containers being returned must have the Ray's Reusables sticker on them in order to receive rewards points. Points will not be assigned for any containers not originating from Ray's Reusables
      • I am aware that the stickers that I am using currently are not water proof (water resistant ones are on order). The sticker doesn't have to be in good condition to receive credit. 
    • Broken containers are not eligible for points. 
    • Your full name must be on either the box that you return or written on the sticker on your bottles in order for you to receive rewards points for their return. If your name is not attached in some way to the bottles when you return them points will not be issued. 
    • You must be signed up to the rewards program before rewards points can be issued. Click the little pink icon in the bottom right corner of your screen to sign up.


Wow, you read all that? You're a real one.