Silpat Silicone Muffin Mold
Silpat Silicone Muffin Mold
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Silpat Silicone Muffin Mold

Sasa Demarle
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Got a mean need for muffins but don’t want to bother with disposable muffin papers? Making those cutie little cupcakes? Ditch the disposable cupcake tin liner and opt for a Silpat instead!

These non-stick silicone muffin molds are great zero waste addition to your baking arsenal. Not only are they great for all manner of muffin and cupcake, but they work great for meal prepping things like baked oats, eggs, and whatever else your creative mind might have in store.

Silpats are made with high quality food-grade silicone reinforced with fiberglass mesh to ensure that your Silpat can be used over and over for years.

  • Multi-purpose non-stick silicone baking and pasty.
  • No cooking sprays, oils or parchment paper needed.
  • Not to be used as a cutting surface.
  • Can be used in the oven, microwave and freezer.

Care instructions:

  • Wipe the SILPAT with a damp, soft sponge and then rinse with clean water.
  • Shake to remove excess water and dry in open air.
  • A weak solution of detergent or soap may be used if needed. Use a neutral pH detergent (pH=7).
  • Dry in an oven at 212°F (or 100°C) for a duration of 2-3 minutes.
  • Store flat or rolled in a cool, dry location.
  • Note: The oily feeling after washing is normal, as is discoloration. Strong flavored foods may leave a trace of their scent on the SILPAT.

Size:  11 5/8 Inch x 16 1/2 Inch | 29.5cm x 40cm

Wells: 2.55 inch x 1.55 inch | 6.5cm x 3.8cm

Packaging: cardboard box

Materials: Food-grade silicone and fiberglass mesh 

Made in: France