All About Routine Cream Deodorant

All About Routine Cream Deodorant

Have you ever gotten to the end of a long day wearing your natural deodorant and thought ".....dang, I stink." If you have then get ready, because our refillable Routine Cream deodorant is here to CHANGE YOUR FLIPPIN LIFE. 

The Trouble With Conventional Deodorants

First things first, let's address the elephant in the room – why ditch conventional deodorants?

Here's the scoop: they're often packed with stuff you'd rather not have on your skin. Ingredients like aluminum compounds and parabens can raise red flags about potential health issues, including skin irritation, hormonal disruptions, and even cancer. Scientists are still debating to what extent these compounds cause negative health outcomes, but I don't want them on my skin!

Setting ingredients aside, many mainstream natural deodorants are still packaged in plastic, and not even a readily recyclable plastic! 

I know what you're thinking; time for a change, right?  

Meet Routine 

Routine Natural Beauty is on a mission to clean up your bathroom routines! Founded and produced in the Canadian Rockies by sisters Neige and Pippa, Routine's commitment to crafting clean and effective body care products is evident from your first encounter.

Their credo states:

"At Routine, we believe your scent is like a fingerprint that tells a unique story. Our credo is to offer beautiful, natural personal products that feel and smell incredible. Everyday routines that do good and are life-changing. To compliment your pheromones without compromise. To honour nature, and to produce products that are kinder to the earth in our neighbourhood of the Canadian Rockies. And to bring the joy, fun, and wild back into the modern bathroom."

About the Cream

Let's talk ingredients – it's all good stuff:

1. Kaolin Clay: A detox hero, it absorbs impurities, excess oil, and sweat!

2. Magnesium Hydroxide: No irritation here - it works to neutralize odors naturally.

3. Arrowroot Powder: This natural starch keeps you dry and fresh all day.

4. Shea Butter: Adds a creamy touch and extra hydration, and evens skin tone.

5. Calendula: Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, it's been used in skin soothing salves for forever! 

6. Essential Oils: Who needs synthetic fragrances when you have these natural wonders? Each scent is derived from essential oils, ensuring a delightful, clean experience for your new signature scent.

This isn't an exhaustive list (for that head over here), but you can rest easy knowing that each and every ingredient is carefully chosen to be safe and effective.

They even have different formulations for different needs! Sensitive skin? Try the baking soda free formulas. Vegan? Try their beeswax free formulas. Extra stanky? Pick up one with activated charcoal.

How to Use a Cream Deodorant

Using Routine Cream Deodorant is a breeze! Here's how:

  1. Scoop a pea-sized amount: I personally just tap a clean finger to the cream, a little goes a long way!

  2. Rub it in: Gently massage it into your skin until it's absorbed.

  3. Stay fresh all day: Routine's formula delivers long-lasting protection with a natural scent that'll have you feeling confident all day.

  4. Refill when you're out!: Give your deo container a quick wash when its empty and bring it to our refillery to get a zero waste deodorant refill!

What Our Customers Say

No kidding, while I was writing this blog post I had to stop no fewer than four times to refill peoples' deodorants. It has a dedicated following (especially the Lucy in the Sky scent)! Don't take my word for it, here's some of what our customers said:

"Routine deo is my favorite. Not only do I limit my plastic use by using and refilling the same container, but the deodorant actually does the job. The scents are AMAZING. Lucy in the Sky and Sexy Sadie are in my constant rotation. I will never wear another deodorant!" Kara B.
"I never throught I would be this excited about deodorant...sustainable meets luxury. Both can exist at the same time." RCHR
"I love the Routine deodorant! I have the Superstar (grey one). It lasts all day. It doesn't irritate my skin and it rubs in smoothly." Eliza B.
"I love this stuff! (especially the Sexy Sadie scent!) I was initially worried about how it would hold up since I tend to sweat a lot, but it holds up all day and smells incredible. I've tried other natural deodorants that left a sticky feeling after using them, but you don't even notice the Routine deodorant after you rub it in." Bronwyn S.

Are you ready to make the switch? Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and embrace a cleaner, greener approach to self-care with Routine. Your body and the planet will thank you.

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