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About Me

Ray stands in front of her van looking at the Ray's Reusables logo on the sideHi, hi, hello! I'm Ray! (she/her)

Ray's Reusables started at the end of 2019 as a passion project. I had long looked for a way to repurpose the (growing) pile of worn out jeans that I had into something beautiful, useful, and that would mesh well with the low waste lifestyle that I was trying to cultivate. Thus the back pocket cutlery roll was born.

I still sew and I love what I create, but as I watched the pandemic unfold and saw the waste that was being created as a result I realized I wanted to do even more to support the sustainable community of Philadelphia. Thats why I decided to fast track some long term goals of mine, and open up Philadelphia's first mobile refill shop.

Making plastic-free options accessible and affordable to people regardless of where they live in the city has always my mission. I knew the best way to provide more equal access would be to take an eco-store around the city with me! With the flexibility and mobility of the van I'm able to go into different neighborhoods, making sustainable shopping easier for eco-conscious Philadelphians.

But who is Ray herself, you might ask? I am...


  • a language learning enthusiast 
  • someone who loves a hike
  • a little cat momma
  • vegetarian aspiring to eat more plant based
  • a former high school English teacher
  • someone who would answer "raccoon" if you asked what animal I would be
  • I'm what I like to call the 'triple ram'. Aries, year of the Ram, and my legal name means ewe. As you might imagine, I charge head first into things.