Community Sponsored Recycling Program Sponsors

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Our specialty recycling program is one that wouldn’t exist without the support of our community members. So  how does community sponsored recycling work?

1. At the shop we host an assortment of bins for different material types. 

2. When a bin is empty we put out a call for someone to sponsor the bin. The prices for each bin vary, but typically its right around $5 (see more below). The cost to sponsor the bin covers the collection fee and gets passed on directly to Rabbit Recycling.

3. After we collect the sponsorship fee from our lovely sponsor the bin is free for everyone to use! 

4. We add our sponsor’s name to the list below and shout them out on our social media accounts as a huge THANK YOU!

If you would like to sponsor a bin in the future, please email to be put on the list. 

Material Sponsorship Costs:

  • Glass: $60/month
  • Cork: $5/5 gallons
  • Twist ties: $3/2 gallons
  • Rubber bands: $2/2 gallons
  • Bread tags: $2/2 gallons
  • Wires and cords: $1.25/5 gallons
  • Produce netting: $5 /5 gallons
  • Plastic bottle caps: $5/5 gallons
  • *Plastic bags: $.25/1 gallon (55 gallons to fill a bin) 
  • *Snack packaging: $1.50/1 gallon (55 gallons to fill a bin)
  • *Foil lined snack packaging: $1.50/gallon (55 gallons to fill a bin)

*Monthly recycling event only, not available for drop off during all store hours. Click here to see when our next special drop off is!

Current Sponsors:

  • Glass: Ray Daly 
  • Cork: Matthew Feldman
  • Twist ties: Matthew Feldman
  • Rubber bands: Matthew Feldman
  • Bread tags: Matthew Feldman
  • Wires and cords: Matthew Feldman
  • Produce netting: Matthew Feldman
  • Plastic bottle caps: Matthew Feldman
  • August extra special bag pick up: Fishtown Films

Former Sponsors: