Community Sponsored Recycling Program Sponsors

Text superimposed over an image of a woman sorting recycling into several bins. Text reads ‘community sponsored recycling program sponsors’

Our specialty recycling program is one that wouldn’t exist without the support of our community members. 

So how does community sponsored recycling work?

1. At the shop we host an assortment of bins for different difficult-to-recycle materials.

2. Drop off for these bins is free and open to the public during store hours. 

3. Monthly we take the recycling to our partners at Rabbit Recycling, who send us a bill for the materials that we drop with them.

4. On our Instagram and in our newsletter we post the invoice, and anyone who would like to help support the recycling program is able to make a contribution toward the total.

If you would like to help sponsor this program in the future, please email to be put on the list.