Shop Policies

Bring-Your-Own Container Refills

Can you do it? Yes! However....

  • containers must be empty, clean, and dry. I will not fill soap on top of soap, even if it is soap that you purchased from me previously.
  • here is my official guidance on how to sanitize containers for refill.
  • containers must have a label saying what is in it before leaving me. It can be one of my labels, it can be the label from whatever was in there before (for example, you bring your dish soap bottle, with the old label on it, and ask me to fill it with dish soap), it can be sharpie directly on the container. It's my assurance that people in your house won't feel tempted to consume that appealing clear viscous liquid in the unmarked bottle.


All of my shipping materials are either recyclable or compostable.

I strive to ship things out to you as fast as I can, usually in about 2-3 days for ready made items. Any made-to-order items will have shipping estimates included in their listings.

I ship all orders via USPS first class mail. If you need things faster than that expedited shipping is available at additional charge. 

Refunds and Returns

Refills are not eligible for returns or refunds. If you are unsure whether or not you will like something I recommend buying 2-4 ounces to try before you go whole hog. Remember, I don't have to fill the container that you bring to me!

If you are dissatisfied with a non-refill item, please contact me within 30 days to return your un-opened and un-used product.