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  • Four Simple Actions to Prepare for a Refillery Visit

    If you’ve been exploring the zero waste movement or are just looking for ways to reduce your waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle in general, then you’ve probably started looking for a refillery or zero waste store in your area.

    Here are four simple actions to make sure that your refill experience is a breeze.

  • 4 Options for Plastic Free Food Storage and Prep

    With family gatherings on the horizon, cookie baking season looming, and stress eating in the here and now, food prep and storage has been on my mind. If your family was anything like mine you probably grew up using a lot of plastic containers and cling wrap in your food storage, but maybe you’re looking to opt for more plastic free food storage options now-a-days. 

    Fortunately there are so many sustainable options for food storage and prep on the market now, and they really meet my flexible storage needs. Four of my absolute favorite are...

  • Is that brand really sustainable, or are they using greenwashing as a disguise?

    As more and more people turn towards a sustainable lifestyle, words like “eco-friendly”, “all natural”, “refillable”, and “zero waste” have become ubiquitous in advertising. Most brands using these terms are genuine, but there are some who use these terms to lure consumers into a false sense of confidence in the sustainability of the brand without living up to their words.
  • The Rotten Truth About Halloween Pumpkins

    Did you know that every year an estimated 1.3 billion pounds of pumpkins end up in landfills? Oftentimes when the topic of food waste or organic waste in landfills is brought up an immediate reaction is “well, at least it will decompose there, right?” 

    But what if I told you that organic waste in landfills contributed to some heavy green house gas emissions that could be pretty easily avoided? Check in here to see how you can send those pumpkins (and whatever other food waste you've got!) to compost instead!

  • Four Tips for a More Sustainable Halloween Costume

    It’s undeniable: playing dress up is fun! So it’s no wonder so many people jump at the opportunity to become someone, or something, else for the day when Halloween rolls around. 

    The thing that I find spookiest about these Halloween costumes, though, is what they’re made of and how quickly they get tossed aside. 

    Not only are most ready-made costumes polyester fabric, but often everything from the wigs to the accessories are in some way plastic. When these costumes get discarded, all that plastic heads straight for the landfill.