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Brush With Bamboo

Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo Toothbrush

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Are you like "ew, this toothbrush that I'm using is never going to break down?" Try a bamboo toothbrush!

Brush with Bamboo makes bamboo handled tooth brushes with 100% bio-based bristles, they're 100% castor oil derived! (Probably still better for the health of your compost to remove the bristles before tossing the handle in your compost pile) 

These bristles are soft, and will last just as long as a conventional plastic tooth brush. Try them out with Unpaste tooth tabs or David's toothpaste for a shining smile!

Materials: bamboo handle, castor oil based bristles (please check with your local composting facility before sending the bristles to them)

Packaging: Cardboard box

Made in: China

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