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Butterfly Safety Razor
Butterfly Safety Razor
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Butterfly Safety Razor

Albatross Designs
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Tired of paying a crazy amount for those plastic razor replacement heads? Even more tired of them going straight to the dump? Give a safety razor a try!

At 3.5” in length, the Butterfly is a popular design that can handle any shaving situation well. 

The Butterfly offers the easiest solution for replacing your blade with a quick bottom twist to secure it.  

About this safety razor: 

  • For all genders & shaving needs  
  • Built to last with a high-polished finish (no more rust!) 
  • Comes with 10 reusables blades & a hemp storage bag 
  • Fits all standard double-edge safety razor blades 
  • Zero plastic waste 

How to load a blade in a butterfly style razor: 

  1. Twist the bottom of the shaver handle to open the wings of the blade holder.
  2. Simply place a blade (be careful - it's sharp!) on the platform and twist the bottom in the opposite direction to tighten the blade holder wings over the blade. 
  3. You're ready to shave! 

How to shave: 

  1. Wet hair with warm water.  
  2. Lather shaving cream onto skin (A brush will help create a better lather and to lift the hair).  
  3. Hold the blade at a 30 degree angle and let the weight of the handle do the work.  Do NOT pull the razor across your skin like you would with a plastic disposable razor.  
  4. Use short strokes, about 2 inches long, especially when you first switch to using a safety razor.  
  5. Finish with after shave ointment or lotion.

Need more help? Watch this video to learn how to shave with a safety razor.

How to take care of your razor: 

  1. Rinse all the soap/ hair/ gunk from your razor after each use.
  2. Shake your razor to dry it. Using a towel to dry will make your blades duller. 
  3. Ensure your razor is stored in a dry spot to increase the life of your blades. 
  4. If you notice any corrosion, rub that spot vigorously with a terry cloth towel, or a small piece of emery cloth.
  5. Ensure your razor is clean and dry to make it last longer!

Packaging: burlap carrying bag, paper envelope, paper wrapped blades

Materials: stainless steel 

Made in: China