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Pot Scrubber

Pot Scrubber

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bamboo handle, coconut and sisal fiber bristles

Care and Use

Wet bristles under running water, use water and soap to scrub pots and pans in circular motion, rinse bristles after use. Do not store in standing water.

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Looking to replace plastic scrub brushes in your home?

This little scrub brush has stiff plant-fiber bristles, making it perfect for tackling stuck on food and stains, including for cast iron pots. Before using this brush on any non-stick cookware, be sure to scrub a little more gently and test a small area before going all-out.

Use it with liquid dish soap, or work up a fabulous lather with NoToxLife's Dish Block, just don't leave it on top of the dish block when you're done (it'll wick up moisture from the soap and lead to quicker wear!).

To care for this scrubber allow it to fully dry between uses by either hanging, or placing in a completely dry area. Its also best if you don't leave it soaking in water for extended periods, as it may cause damage to the handle.

If you find that your brush isn't drying fully between uses you can dip the bristles in vinegar to help combat bacteria.


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