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Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt

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Magnesium sulfate

Care and Use

Pour about 300 grams (1.25 cups) of Epsom salt into a clean bathtub as it fills with hot water. Avoid using Epsom salt in a tub with jets, a hot tub or a whirlpool bath unless the manufacturer says it’s okay.

Once the bath is drawn, test the water for its heat level and adjust as needed.

Slowly ease yourself into the tub and relax. A 15-minute soak should be enough to get all the benefits of our Epsom salt.

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Rogersville, MO


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Our Epsom salts are a great way to find rest and relaxation without all the added extras that come in most commercially available Epsom salts! Experts tout epsom salt baths as a great way to promote stress relief, muscle pain relief, and reduction of inflammation.

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