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Pre-Filled Volta All Purpose Cleaning Spray

Pre-Filled Volta All Purpose Cleaning Spray

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Ingredients: water, washing soda, organic shea Castile soap, rosemary and orange essential oils

Care and Use

Shake before using! Separation is natural. Spray on any sealed surface and wipe with a soft cloth or sponge. Test surfaces in an inconspicuous spot when first using. Store in a cool dry place!

Made In

Philadelphia, PA


  • Glass bottle


Recycle glass bottle

Our non-toxic all purpose spray is made right here in Philly! Washing soda and a natural soap work together to clean and lift dirt in a convenient spray and wipe cleaner, while rosemary and orange essential oils blend together for an uplifting and centering scent. 

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Any option listed as 'container library jar' will be fulfilled in a complimentary jar from our salvaged jar library. The container that you will get will vary, so they aren't compatible with pump tops. We recommend using these to fill a container you already have at home. It's free for use and can be returned to us to use over and over!

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