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Queer Candle Co. Candles

Queer Candle Co. Candles

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Soy wax, cotton wick, paraben and phthalate free scent oils

Care and Use

Burn for 1-3 hours at a time to achieve an even burn

Made In

Philadelphia, PA


  • Glass jar


Recycle glass jar after cleaning out wax

12 oz candles only available in Sea Salt and Orchid, Driftwood and Argan Oil, Dark Plum, Redwoods, and Gin and Juniper

Each candle is topped with a visual representation of the scent (generally herbs, but sometimes including dehydrated fruits or salt rocks)! These soy wax candles burn longer and cleaner than paraffin options, and our attention to detail in sourcing materials means that these candle’s fragrances are fresh, non-toxic, and authentic!

Botanical toppings may vary from what those pictured here.

Driftwood & Argan Oil scent profile:
- Top notes of fragrant Moroccan argan oil combine with earthy sandalwood and amber to create a truly unique scent
- Clean and inviting, this fragrance is a fresh take on traditional spa aromas
- Topped with pressed greenery and wildflowers

Dark Plum scent profile:
- Notes of citrus and black cherry brighten the sweet plum undertones of this fragrance
- Amber and vanilla highlights reinforce a sweet scent profile, while earthy amber balances the overall aroma
- Luxurious and warm, this scent is ideal for the cozy winter months
- Topped with dark purple wildflowers (type varies by season)

Fig & Vine scent profile:
- A complex blend of soft fig and lush green leaves, this fragrance is well balanced - not overwhelmingly sweet
- Complimented by hints of geranium, this elegant scent is perfect for spring and summer
- Topped with small pressed vines

Forrest Floor scent profile: 

- Soothing and botanical bamboo foliage mingles with aloe to create a soothing, fresh fragrance
- Base notes of freshly cut grass brings in dewy green tones
- Topped with pressed ferns

Tea & Herb scent profile:

- Notes of sweet citrus with herbal touches of lemon thyme and ginger

- Topped with white and green tea leaves

- Refreshing and soothing

Sea Salt & Orchid scent profile:
- Calming and smooth blend of floral highlights with salty notes
- Floral notes include: Orchid, Lily of the Valley, and Jasmine
- Topped with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
- Soft and sweet

Apricot Nectar scent profile:

- Bright and sweet highlights of juicy apricot are accompanied by slight floral undertones of jasmine

- Grounded by notes of sandalwood, this punchy fragrance is perfect for the summer months

- Topped with pressed orange flowers and green leaves

Teak & Leather scent profile:

- Musky tobacco leaf & teakwood mingle for a subtle, earthy scent

- Overtones of leather and sandalwood give the fragrance depth

Lemon & Rose scent profile:
- Bright and fragrant citrus meets soft and floral rose
- A romantic scent inspired by nature
- Topped with pressed rose petals

Shea and Sandalwood scent profile:

- A soothing blend of creamy shea with base notes of sandalwood and cedar, smoothed out by a fragrant touch of tonka bean

- Balanced with warm notes of amber and musk, this warm and cozy scent is perfect for those long WFH days

- Topped with pink and purple crumbled wildflowers

Burn times: 8oz: 40 - 50 hours.
For best candle burn and longest life we recommend burning for between 1 and 3 hours at a time.

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