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Reusable Organic Cotton Cold Brew Coffee Kit 40 oz

Reusable Organic Cotton Cold Brew Coffee Kit 40 oz

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Whether you like a no-fuss coffee brewing method or are just hooked on cold brew, this kit is a perfect addition to your coffee routine. 

Each 40 oz glass pitcher comes with one organic cotton reusable coffee filter which absorbs some of the oils released from the coffee beans, but allows the acids to pass through. Each filter is durable and with proper care can last up to a year or more. 

Care is super simple, you don't even need to use detergents! After your brew is complete just empty coffee grounds, rinse, and hang to thoroughly dry. If you want to give it a good deep clean you can boil it gently in a pot for 5 minutes. 

Materials: organic cotton coffee filter, glass pitcher

Packaging: paper band

Made in: USA